Journal Subscription and Advertisement Information For 2019


Journal Subscription:


No. of year


India, [Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan]**

Rest of the World


Institution / Library


Institution/ Library

One (Vol. 12, 2019)

INR 1200/-

INR 1500/-

USD 150/-

USD 180/-

Five (Vol. 11, 2018 to Vol. 15, 2022)

INR 5000/-

INR 7000/-

USD 500/-

USD 600/-

Life* (Vol. 1, 2008 to Vol. 15, 2022)

INR 9000/-

INR 10000/-

USD 1500/-

USD 1800/-

* Life time subscription is valid for 15 years; ** Add INR 500/- (Per year) for postage


Name: ______________________________________________________E-mail:_________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________

Phone No.: (O)____________________(R)___________________(M)________________Fax_______________

I / We like to subscribe the Journal Research in Environment and Life Sciences for one year / Life as Individual

/Institution /Library and enclosed Bank DD of Rs._____________ Dated:_______________

No.______________ in favour of Research in Environment and Life Sciences payable at Lucknow.

Advertisement Policy and Rate:

Policy: The advertisement of Research related Instruments and Chemicals use in Research and Agriculture will be

Publish on the behalf of authentication and quality certificate. In an issue advertisement can be published on front inner,

on front back, on front back inner and maximum one page in inner pages.


Type of Page

Quarter Page

Half Page

Full Page

Front inner

INR 1500/- or USD 40/-

INR 2500/- or USD 65/-

INR 4500/- or USD 110/-

Front back

INR 2000/- or USD 50/-

INR 3500/- or USD 75/-

INR 6000/- or USD 125/-

Front back inner

INR 1250/- or USD 35/-

INR 2000/- or USD 60/-

INR 3500/- or USD 100/-

Inner pages

INR 1000/- or USD 30/-

INR 1500/- or USD 50/-

INR 2500/- or USD 80/-


Note: Payments can be made through DD or online banking system. Please do not send cheque.